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Man cannot live without love. He remains a being that is incomprehensible for himself,
his life is senseless, if love is not revealed to him, if he does not encounter love, if he does
not experience it and make it his own, if he does not participate intimately in it.
(Redemptor Hominis, 10).

Some might argue that nobody lives just on love, that love is not enough to have a
fulfilling life, that we should concentrate on producing; love would be the luxury of some,
something beautiful, but which would not go beyond a romantic ideal. However, John
Paul II, in his first encyclical, Redemptor hominis, showed us that a life without love is
meaningless. In love, man finds his fullness and accomplishes his vocation. Jesus Christ
summarizes all the law in the love of God and thy neighbour (Mk 12, 29-31), and St. Paul
reminds us that he who loves his neighbour has fulfilled all the law (Rm 13, 8)