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Training to be a Teacher

WOOMB International and its Affiliates offer training courses to train Billings Ovulation Method® teachers who can confidently and competently help women and couples to use the Method effectively.

The Basic Teacher Training is offered either by face-to-face training or by correspondence. The basis for the development of the curricula for both courses is Teaching the Billings Ovulation Method® Part 2, by Drs John and Evelyn Billings.   

The Basic Training Course educates teachers to interpret the woman’s Billings Ovulation Method® chart through an understanding of the cervical and vaginal response to the ovarian hormonal levels as the cycle is developing.  The Billings Ovulation Method® has 4 simple Rules which are used throughout reproductive life. Trainees are taught to identify the phases of the cycle and to understand how a woman’s chart will be affected by the various life stages she encounters from menarche to menopause.

Once the theory component of the Course is completed, those trainees who wish to become accredited as a Billings Ovulation Method® Teacher will enter the Clinical Supervision Component. During this time all teaching done by the trainee will be supervised by an Accredited Billings Ovulation Method® teacher.

Accreditation is offered for 3 years and, to those who can show that they have attended further upskilling and are competently helping women and couples to use the Billings Ovulation Method®, re-accreditation for a further three years is offered.

Affiliates are only able to offer training to those within their own country.  If there is no Affiliate for a particular country, WOOMB International can offer training through the Teacher Training Correspondence Course. Please make contact with the Affiliate for your country or WOOMB International for details about Course dates and fees. ttcc@woombinternational.org

Sponsorship – full or partial – is offered to assist trainees who face significant financial challenges. If you would like to discuss this please make contact with your Country Affiliate or with WOOMB International on ttcc@woombinternational.org

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