WOOMB International


Teacher Training Correspondence Course (TTCC)

This remote learning course contains nine theory and practice sessions that can be done in a Trainee’s own time, although it is expected that a session must be completed per month. Following completion of these nine sessions, students are invited to enter the Clinical Supervision Component which offers supervised, remote clinical experience to gain accreditation within 6 months of the beginning of the supervised practicum.

The course is conducted via email and consists of background reading, PowerPoint presentations for each session to give a visual interpretation of the concepts discussed in the session, and assessments. Each student is allocated a Tutor who will be available to assist the student to understand the concepts. The assessments are to be completed and returned to the Tutor within one month of receipt. Once a session has been satisfactorily completed the next session is forwarded. Extensions of time may be given but require a written explanation and request for an extension.

Students are offered the opportunity to have their own Billings Ovulation Method® chart reviewed at regular intervals. All information is treated as strictly confidential. Although charting your own fertility gives valuable teaching insights, this service is an optional part of the course. If all time limits are met, trainees can expect to complete all the requirements and have the necessary knowledge and chart interpretation skills to apply for accreditation within 15-18 months of beginning the Course.