WOOMB International

John and Evelyn Billings Awards

Gerard and Marie Renard and Caroline and François Terrenoir - Presented, Cotonou, Benin, 2020

The fact that we are honouring two couples, seems very appropriate in our organisation in which many of us were privileged to witness the mutual love and support of the life shared between Lyn and John Billings. We all pray for their elevation together to sainthood.

Gerard and Marie and Caroline and François have been catalysts for change in the spread of authentic teaching of the Billings Ovulation Method® in their home country, France, and the wonderful success of spreading the message to other French speaking countries of Africa, which we witness here at this gathering, is testament to their dedication to truth.

These two couples have been part of “Team France” for many years but we will share a small part of their separate journeys.

Because of his involvement in translation of material on the website, Gerard became aware that the French interpretations of the guidelines of the Method were inaccurate. His quest began.

Caroline and François came to Australia to attend a WOOMB conference and Teacher Training Program and concluded that the existing French materials needed to be corrected.  So began their involvement.

This journey has not been without pain, as these two couples, with the assistance of other brave supporters, found they needed to embark on a new course and form a new Billings Ovulation Method® affiliate which would embrace the authentic teaching and training of teachers. The spread of this truth is shown in Teacher Training Programs they developed and continue to present throughout France and even here in Benin.  

Although François is unable to be with us today, we are equally indebted to him for his ongoing work and support in making impossible dreams become realities. We acknowledge the accompanying heartache and sorrow that steering such a brave new course entailed for each person. 

In presenting this prestigious Award, we honour their commitment to the realization of a dream so wonderfully fulfilled – last year we celebrated the tenth anniversary of the formation of WOOMB France, Billings LIFE.

All those years ago, there was a little saying.  “The train has left the station.” We know they continue on their journeys.

Cotonou Benin 2020.