WOOMB International

John and Evelyn Billings Awards

Patrick Kennealy - Presented, Melbourne, 2020

The WOOMB Directors acknowledge Patrick Kennealy for his tireless voluntary contribution to the Billings organisations over many decades of an already very busy life. The time has come for him to retire and as he leaves, he takes with him our grateful thanks.

Patrick has been actively involved with the management of the financial and legal requirements for both the Australian Affiliate of WOOMB International, OMR&RCA, and for WOOMB International Ltd, acting as Company Secretary and Treasurer. His role has covered a half-century of selfless dedication.  He worked closely with Dr John Billings in the management of all WOOMB finances and the incorporation of WOOMB International Ltd in Australia. During the 1990s, the AusAID funding of the work in China and their reporting requirements was an additional task that Pat readily accepted. We know how much John and Lyn depended on Pat’s knowledge and integrity to support the work they knew was their mission to the world.

Patrick has always been generous with his time and his expertise and his retirement from these roles leaves a huge gap in both organisations. We know he has not been alone in his involvement: Patrick and his wife Merilyn, an Accredited Teacher of the Billings Ovulation Method®, are both part of the fabric of the Billings family here in Australia and we have been enriched from knowing them.

With our gratitude, we have pleasure in awarding Patrick the John and Evelyn Billings Award for his role in spreading the good news of the Billings Ovulation Method®. 

 Melbourne Australia. October 2020