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History of WOOMB International Inc.

WOOMB International Inc was incorporated in California, USA January 23 1978. The original entity was wound up in 2005 and a new company, WOOMB International Ltd was registered in Victoria, Australia February 23 2006.

The original entity consisted of an Administrative Board of four Executive Directors:

Dr John J Billings, President
Dr Kevin Hume, Chairman
Dr Evelyn L Billings, Vice-Chairman
Rev Msgr Robert E Deegan, Vice-President and Secretary

Only these four had voting rights in WOOMB International Inc.

Together with the Executive Directors, a further nine persons formed the International Board, which had an advisory role:

Pbro Jesus Manuel Perez, Mexico
Rev Joseph Hattie OMI, Canada
Dr John J Brennan, USA (Treasurer)
Rev Denis St Marie, Guatemala
Dr/Sr Anna Cappella, Italy
Rev Pedro Richards, Uruguay
Mrs Mavis Keniry, Ireland

In addition, General Members of WOOMB International Inc were “those persons, firms, corporations or associations who, in the opinion of the Directors, (were) committed to the purposes, aims and objectives of the corporation, having actively demonstrated their support and performed services for the corporation warranting their appointment”.

Throughout the more than fifty years of the Billings Ovulation Method®, the authenticity of the method has been tested clinically and scientifically, in particular through the work of two world-renowned scientists, Emeritus Professor James B Brown and Emeritus Professor Erik Odeblad. Their outstanding contribution is acknowledged with gratitude.

ESTABLISHMENT of WOOMB International Ltd

WOOMB International Ltd is based on the same principles as the original WOOMB International Inc. For the purposes of satisfying obligations under the Corporations Act 2001 and the requirements of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, WOOMB International Ltd (Australian Company No. 118 503 763) was established February 23 2006, as a public company, limited by guarantee.

WOOMB International Ltd adopted a Charter to regulate its activities.  Read a copy of the Charter here.